The New Yorker: Fade Out

Sasha Frere-Jones’ goodbye post on his blog at the New Yorker:

In 2004, I got a call from David Remnick. He asked if I had time to come in and see him.

I showed up in his office on my birthday, a Friday in January. I was so nervous that I sat on a framed photo of Václav Havel (or someone who I assumed was Havel). I asked Remnick if I could take a picture of the old Times building, the top of which was visible from his office. As he often does, Remnick spread his hands, as if to reassure a lost tourist that he had not, in fact, walked twenty blocks in the wrong direction, and said, “It’ll be here for a while. Don’t worry.”

Frere-Jones is one of the best writers on pop music I’ve read. He’s moving on to work for Genius, a site that specialises in annotating song lyrics. Though my first impression of the site isn’t good—it looks cluttered and chaotic—it’s worth keeping an eye on if Frere-Jones is writing for it (which is, I’m sure, exactly what the owners intended).