Meet the Composer Gets the Peabody Award

Back in April, I posted a note that my favourite podcast had been nominated for a Peabody Award. It won.

I think we’re at the beginning of a major resurgence in the popularity of contemporary classical1 music, and that the Internet economics I’ve written about have a lot to do with that.

  1. I wish there were a better word for this. “Serious” music and “art” music both have connotations I’d rather avoid. What I mean, essentially, is music that belongs to the same cycle of influences and training that leads, say, from Beethoven to Pierre Boulez in one direction, and to Philip Glass in another, and to Tōru Takemitsu in another. That we need a single umbrella term to describe such a huge array of music is absurd, but it’s also true that branches of this tradition are more closely connected to one another, generally, than to other types of music.