Garry Kasparov: “Making Him Look Like a Loser Is Crucial”

Speaking of you-know-who, there’s a lot of really great stuff in this conversation with Garry Kasparov on Vox.

Riots will only frighten the “moderate middle” you will need as allies sooner or later. If Trump convinces them with lies that the opposition is controlled by dangerous thugs, you’re going to have eight years of Trump and another of his kind to follow. Stick to the facts, repeat them boldly and frequently, so his supporters see the would-be emperor has no bathrobe!

The courts are important, but things won’t really change unless enough Republicans start to see Trump as a liability to their fundraising and reelection chances. That could be quite soon if he can’t fulfill his many campaign promises. Making him look like a loser is crucial. Either the GOP will turn on him or he will be chastened and more likely to compromise. If a demagogue succeeds in claiming credit for wins and scapegoating his enemies for losses, he’s very hard to stop.

Since the election, I’ve found Kasparov to be one of the most valuable people to follow on Twitter. Few people are more insightful or thoughtful or informed on the nature of autocrats.

Also, given that he supported McCain in 2008, this is damning:

GOP politicians are putting party over principles by supporting Trump so loyally, and by so doing, they reveal they don’t actually have any principles at all.

“Party over principles” could be the GOP slogan.