Stolen Stradivarius recovered after 35 years

Michael Cooper, having mixed metaphor pun fun in the New York Times:

It was a cold case for more than three decades—a cold violin case—but now it has been closed. A Stradivarius violin that disappeared without a trace after it was stolen in 1980 from the violin virtuoso Roman Totenberg has been found, and is being restored to his family, said one of his daughters, Nina Totenberg.

Nina Totenborg’s description of the recovery was pretty funny:

The appraiser looks at her and says, ‘Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that this is a real Stradivarius. And the bad news is it was stolen, 35, 36 years ago from Roman Totenberg, and I have to report it right away.’

Great story—worth reading the whole article.