Review: Chimp

I picked the wrong time to announce my return to blogging, as July is set to be my busiest month. Still, there’s more to come as I get a few projects moving and/or finished.

That said, I wanted to flag my latest review in yesterday’s edition of the Journal of Music, since it’s really just me finding as many ways as I can to say “listen to this album.”

[The third and ninth tracks] act as a portal into and out from the middle section of the album, a sequence of five songs that function almost as a nested EP. According to Dramm, the seed of the idea was a doctor’s waiting room. ‘There is a TV in the corner showing a National Geographicepisode about monkeys. During the middle section, we go inside the TVand hang out with them.’ There’s a self-contained flow to this central selection, as the songs bring us to a psychedelic space of metaphor and liminal connection.