Mica Levi: “Something quite human”

Missed this interview with Mica Levi in Sight and Sound on her score for Under the Skin. It was by far the best film score I heard last year. I love that, unlike a lot of film composers, she talks about the music in the interview, not just what it’s meant to evoke. Levi:

A lot of it’s microtonal—and I like that, it sounds like unison. It sounds more uncontrolled because it sounds like a lot of people playing, instead of just one. Instead of the 12 tones we’re used to, it’s wavering in between them, and [using] the clashes that they create—which can sound out of tune, but can be more expressive because it’s not precise and accurate. To me it sounds comforting. It’s meant to sound uncomfortable, but I find something quite human about it.