Lisa Hirsch: Seeking Alternative Follow-Ons

Lisa Hirsch, on The Iron Tongue of Midnight, has an important request:

WQXR in NYC has an annual countdown of, I guess, most popular classical music works. In a nice twist, they asked a bunch of experts to nominate follow-ons: if you liked this piece, try listening to this lesser-known work.
But they really came through in one area, that of perpetuating stereotypes. Not one of the 30 follow-on works was composed by a woman. And that’s from a group of experts that included three women, plus members of the WQXR staff itself.

I’d like to offer yet another alternative list. If you know a work by a female composer that would make a good follow-on to either WQXR’s originals or to their follow-ons, let me know in comments or by email, and I’ll put up the list in a blog posting in a week or ten days.

Head on over there if you can help her out.

I recommended Caroline Shaw’s Partita for Eight Voices, which I’ve listened to on repeat since I got it late last year.