Glenn Gould interviewed by Jonathan Cott

The Glenn Gould Foundation came across this terrific 1974 interview with Glenn Gould, from Rolling Stone of all places. It’s part one of a two-parter, but the magazine hasn’t made the second part available (yet?).

Gould didn’t so much give interviews as prepare monologues, complete with questions for his “interviewers”, but there’s some wonderful stuff in this.

A number of pianists have talked about their anxiety dreams in which they continually saw themselves walking out onstage naked or sitting down to find themselves unable to play, like Sparky and his Magic Piano, which refused to perform at the necessary time.

I only have one dream of that kind, which one would think would have abated the moment I stopped giving concerts, but it didn’t. I simply transferred it to other media, and I now have it in relation to recording sessions…and the dream always makes me aware of the fact that the repertoire that I think I’m doing is not the repertoire I’m really doing. Now in order to make that practical it’s never therefore a solo performance; it’s usually an orchestral recording, and I’ve had many variations on this dream.

Sounds like a nightmare.